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How to transfer Hosting

Switching hosting with no downtime can be complicated, here's how:

  1. Join your new host provider.
  2. You will now have 2 host providers for your site and you have FTP all your files from your old host into your new host in same file structure and folders. If you choose HostGator as your new host as we recommend, they will transfer your entire site over free of charge!
  3. Backup any databases from the old host and upload the backup files via FTP you must then restore the backups with SSH or cPanel phpMyAdmin.
  4. Emails DO NOT usually transfer, however we have working agreement with hostgator and you can accomplish this with them. You can archive your emails and also make a POP3 connection to each email address and that allows the emails to be downloaded to local your computer. The new host will not have old emails however new ones can be sent and replied.
  5. After a working copy of both sites are on both hosting accounts, you can then change your DNS, your new host will provide you your DNS and you must set that in your domain name.
  6. DNS servers look like this - -
  7. Once you have proper DNS goto your domain name provider and make the change or request them to make the change for you.
  8. If you use Hostgator as we recommend they will do this for you.
  9. Once DNS changes are made you have to wait about two days (48 hours) before the site will load on the host. This is called propagation to thw Web and is required.
  10. It is recommended you get professional IT support in taking these actions.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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